About Us

Nikkio is an independently owned software company that specializes in the development of innovative business solutions. We provide exclusive software development services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, specializing in custom application development, website design and creation, system integration, software testing and quality assurance.

Nikkio offers a wide range of business applications to a number of market sectors, including Government, Public Services, Utilities, Manufacturing and other public and private sector organizations. We are passionate about making great software with the best tools, technology, and techniques available. Our main focus is on building long-term strategic partnerships with our clients.

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Web Hosting:

Web HostingAt Nikkio, we offer full service Web Hosting solutions to our clients. This means we can help you find a home for your new or existing website. A number of hosting options are available to provide the space you need... More

ECommerce Solutions

eCommerce Increases Cash FlowNikkio offers a full range of eCommerce solutions. These solutions are ideal for a broad range of merchants, from those running small entrepreneurial ventures to those managing mature businesses. We can create a custom shopping cart... More

Database Design

database01Whether you have an existing database and need a conversion or want a new one, our database development team has the knowledge and experience to create a database customized to your businesses needs...More

Search Engine Optimization

Creating a beautiful website won’t do your business any good if your potential costumers can’t find it. The internet gives you the potential to reach millions of customers who are actively searching for your products or services... More